Marketplace Vendor Application

This form is to reserve non-food marketplace vendor booths.

Saturday, July 30th, 2022 from 10am-8pm
at Alton Baker Park 
100 Day Island Rd 
Eugene, OR 97401 

Marketplace and Martial Arts Application
NOTE: We are interested in showcasing a wide array of products and services, but preference will be given to those companies/organizations featuring goods/services representative of or from Asia, or promote awareness of Asian-American cultures. Submit a photo and written description if you have not participated in the Celebration before. Vendor name & product description should be listed as you would prefer it to appear on the website and any other promotional material.




Deadline: Apply by June 8, 2022 to avoid a late fee and ensure listing in event promotional material.

For questions, please contact Liana Leung at or 541-513-6703 . After application approval, please make payment online.



These terms and conditions are an agreement between the Asian Council/Asian Celebration Committee, hereafter called Celebration and Non-Food Vendors, hereafter called Vendor, to display and/or sell goods to visitors from 10am-8pm on Saturday, July 30th, 2022 at Alton Baker Park at 100 Day Island Rd, Eugene,OR.

  1. SPACE AND UTILITIES: Booth space will be assigned following an approved application. One 6’-8’ table and two chairs will be provided for each booth. Vendor to provide canopy and canopy weights as needed or inquire about availability to rent. Power (110v single) is available for an additional cost. Please inquire if this is something you are needing.
  2. FIRE AND SAFETY: All Vendors are required to comply with fire and life safety regulations of the city, county, and state. All booth materials or decorations will have to be fire retardant with an approved rating label or proof that the materials have been treated with retardant spray. Items for sale do not need to meet this requirement. MERCHANDISE WILL BE KEPT WITHIN BOOTH AREA. Vendor must provide their own extension cord (14 gauge or greater) with a resettable breaker and must have an approved cover, if they are requesting power. Celebration reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately if Vendor is not in compliance with said regulations. A Fire Department representative may check Vendor’s booth and has the authority to disallow participation if Vendor is not in compliance. Each booth should have a small fire extinguisher.
  3. SET-UP: Between 7am-10am on July 30, 2022.
    Vendor shall be ready and open for business by 10am.
    TAKE DOWN: At 8pm. Vendor shall not take down until after the close of the Celebration at 8pm, unless discussed with the Celebration’s Marketplace rep prior. Vendor is responsible for cleaning up the entire booth area. Failure to do so may leave Vendor financially responsible for clean-up charged to the Celebration by the city.
  4. Vendor will need to provide all setup supplies for their area with the exception of a table and chairs, which are provided. Drive in of vehicles to the booth area WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Vendors will need to provide their own handcarts if needed. We do hope to have volunteers available if vendors need assistance unloading.
  5. Fees are Non-Refundable. They are to be paid online.
  6. Commercial Vendors must carry their own liability insurance listing the “Asian Celebration and its officers” as the additional insured.

RELEASE AGREEMENT: In consideration of the granting of permission to participate in the Oregon Asian Celebration, I the undersigned, intending to hereby legally bind myself, heirs, personal representatives and all volunteers and agents of the organization I represent, agree to waive, discharge, and release any and all rights and claims for injuries, losses, and damages against the City of Eugene and/or the Asian Council, their officers, employees, thereof, or for any injury or pain to personnel, participants and/or customers. I, and my organization/company are responsible for any such claim and that I am fully insured.

I, the undersigned, agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.

We are seeking performers, artisans, vendors, and volunteers!