Historical Museum Display

This display was one of several prominent “Festivals of Lane County” which were featured at the Lane County Historical Museum.

You can visit the museum during the Asian Celebration. Just exit the Food Court through its north exit doors, pass the exterior cooking area, and you will get to the main entrance of the Lane County Historical Museum.

The display includes (from left to right):

• Traditional Japanese lion’s head mask designed and made by Ken Nagao, which was used by Eugene Taiko when they performed a piece called “Matsuri” (Celebration).

• 5’ x 9’ kite painted by Ken Nagao depicting stylized Japanese koi and sockeye salmon frolicking together.

• Three fox masks made by Ken Nagao used by dancers accompanied by Eugene Taiko in a piece called “Family” to show how the sounds of the taiko (made by Ken) brought people of different cultures together in friendship.

• Four of our favorite posters created for the Asian Celebration around a traditional Chinese lion’s head
mask used by several groups of our local Lion Dancers who were trained by David Tam. Poster art was created by Kenji Kobayashi, Kathy Hoy, and
Marianne Walker.