Crafts and Demos

Along the east walls of the Exhibit Hall.
All demos are free and ongoing.

Japanese traditions and Pacific Northwest sensibility infuse Donna Sakamoto Crispin’s baskets, vessels and sculptural pieces.
Russell Morton’s Four Seasons of Water is completed and he begins a new project this year. Meticulous and detail oriented, Russell’s work is amazing.
Elizabeth Uhlig demonstrates making Japanese-style bookbindings.
Chinese Brush Painting
Brush Dance members demonstrate brush painting artistry. Kathy Hoy, Judy Moffett, Mihwa Thornton, Sandi Grubbs, and Teresa Logan.
Gourds & Baskets
Lei McCornack brings her painted gourds, woven hats and South Pacific art to the show.
Master artists Tomo Tsurumi and Jon McKellar encourage children of all ages to try the art of paper folding.
Tomo Tsurumi encourages children of all ages to try the art of paper folding.
Aimee Yogi returns to show us how to make paper from cooked plant fibers (mornings only).
Piecing & Quilting
Aimee Yogi will be piecing and quilting fabrics (afternoons only).
Hiroshi Ogawa trans-forms lumps of wet clay into bowls and pots. Jayme Allen demonstrates throwing big forms on a kick wheel, making kimchee pots as they have in Korea..
Yuji Hiratsuka brings his thoroughly modern etchings with attitude and humor.
Woodblock Prints
Experience the process of wood block prints through Walt Padgett’s beautiful landscapes of Japan and the Northwest. His sons Arren and Gavin assist in this craft
Ukulele Making
Pat Hottenstein shares his skills in crafting this fine instrument.